Metals recycling and trade

Our activity consists of recovering the best of the recycled goods by the enhancement and transformation of the industrial residue recovered and its delivery to the final user.


The Cometfer

Cometfer provides recycling services of ferrous materials, recovery of scrap metal and industrial waste in the environment and country regulations.

Why is it important to the recovery of metallic materials?

The recovery and recycling of ferrous material allows to obtain a new raw material quality equal to the original. Through a shredding process and processing of ferrous scrap you can contribute to protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources.

The ferrous metal recycling is a specific sector of waste recycling, and consists of a set of operations that are carried out on waste consisting of iron to get new stuff to re-enter the production process.

Steel packing: 2016 year record

Recycling of steel packaging has reached the record high of 360,294 tonnes in 2016. A percentage representing 77.5% of the material marketed, as Ricrea has pointed out, the non-profit national consortium for collecting and Recycling of steel packaging.

Steel is a permanent material, which can be recycled countless times without compromising quality, says Domenico Rinsaldino, RICREA President. Once used, jars, cans, milk, buckets, cans, drums and closures are collected, recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle, creating new artifacts: a perfect example of circular economy. As a consortium our goal is to promote and facilitate collection and recycling and the results obtained show that we are working in the right direction.

Data provided by Ricrea during the annual meeting highlighted that in 2016 there was a further increase both in the amount of packaging collected (437,999 tonnes, + 6.8% compared to the previous year) and in the quantity initiated for recycling ( + 3.6%).

Thanks to 360,294 tonnes of steel recovered from packaging in Italy in 2016, direct savings of 684,555 tonnes of iron ore and 216,174 tonnes of coal were achieved, as well as 644,922 tonnes of CO2.

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From the collection of the material from our suppliers to delivery to our customers

16th December 2016

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