For our services We use the latest equipment, constantly subjected to security checks.


High-quality services in the recycling process of ferrous material are a direct consequence of technological evolution which improves equipment, machinery and instruments.

Cometfer provides:

  • 7 Mobile material handlers used for the movement of material at our sites and those of our suppliers
  • 1 fixed-base crane
  • 1 Shear press with a cutting power of 1,200 tons for the volume reduction of material. The press is also equipped with a conveyor belt.
  • 1 Continuous cycle press
  • Equipment for non ferrous materials reduction and selection with vibrating screen, deferrization and conveyor belt for sorting materials
  • 1 non ferrous material grinder
  • 1 Tracked veichle with a prolonged boom-shear used for cutting and demolishing of aerial structures
  • 500 Skips to contain leftover scrap from industrial production, some of which watertight and provided with hydraulic covers, stationed at the works of our suppliers
  • 1 Laboratory equipped for the analysis of materials
  • Radiometric portals and radioactivity hand tracers to provide the salvage and correct disposal of any possible radiocative material

For the movement, the return and the delivery of cargo we are in collaboration with Comet Logistica srl, part of the same property and certificated ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which has:

  • 20 Trucks for the collection of material from our suppliers and the delivery to our customers
  • 1 Mobile press

We also have the availability of national and international external carriers when necessary.