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From the collection of the material from our suppliers to delivery to our customers

For the movement of goods, the company entrusted with the logistics management service COMET LOGISTICS SRL COMET LOGISTICA SRL
Registered office:
31100 Treviso
via Canova 6
Reg. Imprese n.TV04296400262 REA n.338860 CF
p.IVA 04296400262
Administrative offices:
30029 San Stino di Livenza - via Interporto 5
Iscrizione Albo Trasportatori cto Terzi TV 2658807/D
Iscrizione Albo Gestori Rifiuti categoria 1 e 5 n. VE 13827
Tel. +39 0421 1841500 Fax +39 0421 1841514
transport company in c / third with over 20 vehicles and stable partnerships with several independent carriers, with which there is close cooperation, also by virtue of being the latter a related party as an expression of the same property.

16th December 2016